About Us

-We believe that Jesus Christ is the Living Son of God and He is the Lord and Savior of Mankind.

-We believe the Bible to be our all-sufficient rule of faith and practice, and the revelation of God’s will for our lives. We believe in doing Bible things in Bible ways as it pertains to our daily living, church government and corporate worship.

-We pattern ourselves as closely as possible to those churches found in the New Testament. Therefore, we manage our own business, choose our own leadership, determine our own policies in light of God’s Word and seek to voluntarily cooperate with other Christian groups in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission.

-We are devoted to the cause of Christian Unity! We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only. All who profess Christ as Savior are proud to call themselves “Christian”. Our motto: “In matters of faith, we will stand united; in matters of opinion, we will exercise liberty; and in all things we will seek to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ.”

-We practice believer’s baptism as it is taught and modeled in the New Testament, and we believe it is the immersion of a penitent believer for the remission of their sins, symbolizing Christ’s own death, burial, and resurrection.

-We share together in Holy Communion every Lord’s Day and invite all believers to participate with us in remembering our Savior’s willing sacrifice for our redemption.

-We want folks to know that they matter to God…and that they matter to us!

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